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Fun with Lambdas: C++14 Style (part 3)

Now that we have C++14, it has opened up doors for truly mind-bending uses of lambdas--more specifically--generic lambdas. This blog post is the third installment in the series of "Fun with Lambdas: C++14 Style". Check out part 1 and part 2 if you have not already.

This post is about "monadic tuples".

Monad--a simple but powerful abstraction, however, considered quite difficult to understand in the imperative circles. We will look into what's know as the "continuation monad". As it turns out, in C++14, you need just a couple of lines of code to create an instance of a continuation monad.

I'm fairly new to the world of monads. So, things did not begin with great clarity for me. It all started with an intriguing question on Stackoverflow. As it turns out the same "trick" is also used in Boost.Hana and discussed on boost mailing list here.

What you see below is more or less how I came to understand the idiom as an instance of a monad. So…