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Fun with Lambdas: C++14 Style (part 4)

This is part 4 in the series of Fun with Lambdas: C++14 Style. The previous posts are part 3, part 2, and part 1.

C++14 has a number of features that support functional-style design. By "functional-style" I mean heavy use of higher-order functions (functions that take other functions as arguments). Quite often arguments to the higher-order functions are lambdas (closures, to be precise). With automatic return type deduction for normal functions, writing higher-order function becomes very easy and seamless in C++14.

This time, I have chosen a "text-book" example to show you the power of C++14: Composable Data Generators

What is a Generator?

A Generator<T> produces values of type T randomly. There is already a random number generator defined in the C library: random(). It produces long ints.

We can use this basic generator to create higher-level generators, such as bool, character, floating point numbers, etc. Even random sequence and structure generators are…