Monday, February 05, 2007

Publications by C++ experts

Articles by experts are saught after the most. Therefore, here are the links to the articles written by some of my favorite authors (in no particular order).


Ivan Novick said...

Robert Martin link appears broken

Sumant said...

Fixed. Thanks!

özgür said...

Hi brother, greeetings from Turkey.

I think you should add stanley lippman in that list as well-although he hasn't written for a long time.

his articles:

and his blog, consisting of his old articles:

keep up the good work, you are one of the few people encouraging me to put up with c++ :P

Sumant said...

Thanks for your encouragement! Adding Stan Lippman in the list makes perfect sense. I'm wondering why his name did not pop up in my head.

One very good reason to stay up-to-date with latest C++ is the upcoming C++09 standard ( which will take C++ to a whole new level of power and complexity!

- Sumant.