Thursday, June 09, 2011

BoostCon'11 video on LEESA: Language for Embedded Query and Traversal

BoostCon'11, held in Aspen, Colorado, was a fantastic conference this year. Not only because I got a chance to present my work on LEESA but also because of the breadth and depth of the topics covered.

LEESA, as you may recall, is an embedded language in C++ to simplify XML programming. LEESA's programming model sits on top of the APIs generated by modern XML data binding tools. LEESA gives you XPath-like syntax (wildcards, child-axis, descendant-axis, tuples) to simplify data extraction from an XML object model.

I had a privilege to talk at length about LEESA in BoostCon'11. In the 1hr 41 minutes long video, I'm talking everything from why you need LEESA, how its implemented using cool C++ techniques, such as templates, meta-programming, compile-time and run-time performance, and what direction it may take in future. Here are the slides of the presentation.


Anonymous said...

Fascinating and impressive. I'm surprised there aren't any more comments here about Leesa from other people/boosters or is there another forum out there where this is going on? When will there be another update on Leesa in either code or roadmap terms? Can't wait.

Sumant said...

I'm glad you found it interesting. There isn't any forum setup so far. I hope I'll find enough spare time in coming months to push out LEESA 1.0.

mukul said...

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