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LEESA: A new way of typed XML programming in C++

Some of my recent research work has focused on developing a highly generic and reusable library for complex object structure traversal, which is best exemplified by schema driven XML programming. I'm glad to present a research paper called LEESA: Embedding Strategic and XPath-like Object Structure Traversals in C++ , which will be published in the proceedings of IFIP Working Conference on Domain Specific Languages (DSL WC) , 2009 at Oxford, UK. LEESA stands for L anguage for E mbedded qu E ry and traver SA l. LEESA has advanced the state-of-the-art of the typed XML programming in standard C++ to a level where many benefits of static type analysis can be maintained while enjoying a succinct syntax similar to that of XPath. Below, a quick motivating example of LEESA that sorts and prints the names of the authors in a XML book catalog is shown. Catalog() >> Book() >> Author() >> Sort(Author(), LastNameComparator) >> ForEach(Author(), print); The key thing to