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BoostCon'11 video on LEESA: Language for Embedded Query and Traversal

BoostCon'11 , held in Aspen, Colorado, was a fantastic conference this year. Not only because I got a chance to present my work on LEESA but also because of the breadth and depth of the topics covered . LEESA, as you may recall, is an embedded language in C++ to simplify XML programming. LEESA's programming model sits on top of the APIs generated by modern XML data binding tools . LEESA gives you XPath-like syntax (wildcards, child-axis, descendant-axis, tuples) to simplify data extraction from an XML object model. I had a privilege to talk at length about LEESA in BoostCon'11. In the 1hr 41 minutes long video, I'm talking everything from why you need LEESA, how its implemented using cool C++ techniques, such as templates, meta-programming, compile-time and run-time performance, and what direction it may take in future. Here are the slides of the presentation.