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21 Ways of Passing Parameters ... Plus One!

You probably already know that there are 21 ways of passing parameters to a C++11 function! In case you lost the count somewhere, lets count one more time: 4 variations of pass-by pointer (i.e., const, volatile, const volatile, and none i.e., no cv-qualifiers), 4 variations of pass-by reference (ditto here), 4 variations of pass-by value (ditto here too), 4 ways of passing an argument as an rvalue reference (ditto here too! But seriously, you don't want to be around people who write cv-qualified pass-by rvalue reference arguments), std::initializer_list (ditto here too! and at this point it is ok to browse away from this page), and finally, pass-by universal reference (more formally, perfect forwarding ... T&& ... I think universal references deserve their own spot in this overcrowded VIP lounge because they are really special and they don't have 4 variations). So that makes it 21. So you are still with me, hmm... You seem to tolerate me. So I'm going to submit