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Non-colliding Efficient type_info::hash_code Across Shared Libraries

C++ standard library has std::type_info and std::type_index to get run-time type information about a type. There are some efficiency and robustness issues in using them (especially when dynamically loaded libraries are involved.) TL;DR; The -D__GXX_MERGED_TYPEINFO_NAMES -rdynamic compiler/linker options (for both the main program and the library) generates code that uses pointer comparison in std::type_info::operator==() . The typeid keyword is used to obtain a type's run-time type information. Quoting cppreference. The typeid expression is an lvalue expression which refers to an object with static storage duration , of the polymorphic type const std::type_info or of some type derived from it. std::type_info objects can not be put in std::vector because they are non-copyable and non-assignable. Of course, you can have a std::vector<const std::type_info *> as the object returned by typeid has static storage duration. You could also use std::vector<std::ty